Shocking Schoolyard Brawl near Hazelwood East High School Leaves Student Hospitalized: Full Coverage

Incident Overview

• Location: Claudine Street near Hazelwood East High School, St. Louis, Missouri

• Date and Time: Friday evening (specific date not provided)

• Parties Involved: Kailee (victim), Maurnice DeClue (identified attacker), and associates

• Incident Description: A physical altercation between Kailee and Maurnice DeClue escalated when DeClue slammed Kailee’s head into the ground three times, resulting in a critical head injury and subsequent seizure experienced by the victim.

• Injury Details: Kailee sustained serious head injuries necessitating hospitalization.

• Witness Accounts: The incident was captured in a video initially posted on Instagram, and later circulated by YouTuber Wall Street Silver and various online commentators.

• Authority Response: The St. Louis County Police Department is aware of the incident. However, official reports and specific actions taken against the assailant and her associates have not been disclosed at the time of this report.

Viewer Discretion Advised: Graphic Content Warning

Footage of the incident


This incident underscores a disturbing trend of violence among youths, particularly in environments meant to be safe spaces such as school vicinities. The recorded altercation not only highlights the physical dangers posed by such confrontations but also raises significant concerns regarding the mental and emotional well-being of young individuals involved in or exposed to these violent acts.


1. Enhanced Surveillance and Security: Implement increased security measures around school perimeters, including CCTV cameras and patrol units during school hours and after-school activities.

2. Conflict Resolution Programs: Schools should integrate conflict resolution and anti-bullying programs into their curriculum to educate students on non-violent methods of dispute resolution.

3. Community Outreach Initiatives: Engage parents, guardians, and community leaders in dialogues and workshops aimed at addressing the root causes of youth violence and fostering a culture of understanding and support.

4. Crisis Management Training: School staff and local law enforcement should undergo regular crisis management and first aid training to ensure they are equipped to respond effectively to similar incidents.

5. Reporting Mechanisms: Establish anonymous reporting mechanisms for students to safely report instances of bullying or violence, ensuring that concerns are addressed promptly and appropriately.

The altercation near Hazelwood East High School is a stark reminder of the urgent need for comprehensive strategies to prevent youth violence. By adopting a multi-faceted approach involving security enhancements, educational programs, community engagement, and improved crisis response, it is possible to create a safer and more nurturing environment for our youth. This incident should serve as a catalyst for meaningful change, emphasizing the importance of communication, education, and empathy in combating the underlying issues that lead to such tragic outcomes.

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